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"Happy Children... Happy Parents"

Every year we get lovely thank you cards, notes and letters from parents' and carers to thank us for the happy times their children have enjoyed with us.  Of course we treasure these, and share them between ourselves.  But it seems a shame not to let new and prospective parents share them to - they are so insightful and positive.  So here are a few of the kind and wonderful comments said by parents' and carers' of our children, children's names have not been included: 

th963YXF2"To Vicky and all the Forest School Team - Thank you for allowing mr the opportunity to join in and explore the Forest School with my son.  I truly enjoyed the experience and it took me back to my childhood days.  It was amazing to see my son running about the forest and exploring and having much fun.  Thank ou for this amazing set-up and for all your hard efforts." Happy Mum - May 2018  


"Our son has really enjoed his time at Basnett Street and we all feel that it has been a briilant start to his education.  You all work really hard and are very dedicated to all of the children in your care.  We will all miss nursery very much but have very fond memories.  We hope  to see you all at some point in time in the future with our younger son.  Unjoy a relaxing summer break." Happy Mummy & Daddy  

" To Kim and all staff, as parent's we would like to say a huge thank you for providing a supportive and fun learning environment for our daughter during her time at nursery.  We know she has enjoyed the last year and has come a long way.  We know she will miss all the teachers and friends she has made at Basnett Street, it is a shame she can't stay at nursery for longer." Happy Mummy & Daddy  

 "Thank you for all your help" Happy Family  

"Thank you so much for everything and helping our daughter be confident in herself - thank you Kate for being her friend" Happy Mummy & Daughter  

"Thank you for always being here and being supporting.  You are all wonderful and lovely staff, we are going to miss you all" Happy Family 


"Thank you Kim for all your hard work whilst working with our son.  We really appreciate all that you have done to help and provide all the necessary support.  Hope ou have a brillant summer holiday and hope to see tou again soon with his little sister" Happy Mummy & Daddy  

 A big thank you to all the staff for all that you have done for our grandson, even we have enjoyed ourselves!" Happy Grandma & Grandad  

 "To Gillian & Staff, thank you for everything you have done for our son, he has come so much and loves nursery, thank you" Happy Mummy & Son  

"To Kate and all the fantastic staff, thank you all so much for the care and attention you have given our son.  He has become so much confident and it's all down to your hard work!  He will miss you all so much!" Happy Mummy & Daddy  

" To all the staff at Nursery, thank you for everything you have done for our daughter, we have seen that her time at nursery has developed her in many ways and these skills  will last her for life.  Both mum and dad are proud of her and thankful for everything." Happy Mummy & Daddy  

"A big thank you teacher, you make learning FUN! - thank you to all at nursery for all the support."  Happy  Child, Mummy & Daddy  

"Thank you....you're the best" Happy Mummy & Daddy  

" To kim and all the staff of Basnett Street, Thank you so much for all your patience, dedication and most especially all the knowledge that you gave to our daughter.  Our child had so much fun while learning at Basnett.  Keep up the good work.  Happy Mummy & Daddy 


term dates 2014 20151

"To Donna - Just a little note to say, Thanks so much in every way!" With love Happy Boy & Mummy 

"A BIG THANK YOU....... for supporting and helping our son with his learning... Our son has enjoyed his time throughout this year ... " Lot's of hugs Happy Family  

"To all the nursery staff - Thank you so much for all your love and support over the year...Not a single day my son complained of going into nursery:)  It has been lots of fun and my son has learnt alot :)" best wishes Happy Mummy & Daddy  

"To all the staff at nursery - Thank you for looking after my son, it means more than you will ever know!" Happy Boy & Mummy 

"To Basnett Street Nursery Staff - Thank you for everything you have helped my daughter to achieve!" Love from a Happy Family 

"To Vicky and all the teachers at Basnett Street Nursery - Thank you for all you have taught my son and for making him the confident boy he is today!  Thank you for being the best teacher in the world!  My son will miss you all lots he said"  Thank you! Happy Boy & Mummy  

"To Kim & Gillian - Thank you so much for being such lovely nursery teachers to my son.  He has loved every minute at nursery and always speaks so highly of you both! Thank you!"  Happy Parents

"To all the staff with much appreciation" from the Ellis family xxx

"Me and my husband looked through our daughter's learning Journal file and there was so much detail in the observations that we felt we had been part of them; it felt like we had been there!"  Happy Mum ♥  

term dates 2013 20141

"To all the staff at nursery, my child has come on leaps and bounds and she has enjoyed being at nursery.  Thank you all :)" Happy Parents ♥

"To all the staff at Basnett Street Nursery, we would like to 'thank you' for all the support and help that you provided for our child during her time at Basnett Street" Happy Parents ♥

"To all the teachers at Basnett Street Nursery, thank you so much for looking after our child this past year.  He has loved every minute of it!" Happy Mummy ♥

" To all the teachers at Basnett Street Nursery, a sincere hearfelt thank you for all your help and support" Happy Parents ♥

"Fabulous! Wonderful! Loved it! Threw myself into it! Great stuff, lots of fun, need to more like this! Very well organised! Can't believe I have to wait another 3 years before I can do it again!" Happy Parents on Sports Day July 2014 ♥


Term 2012-13

"Thank you so much for your help and support throughout the year.  My daughter has learnt so much and she enjoys coming to your nursery.  I myself think it is a superb nursery school.  Thank you Mrs Cunliffe for all your help and well-being with my child, she is lucky to have you as a key worker" Happy Parent ♥

"Thank you for all your hard work and everything you have done for my girls!" Happy Parent ♥

"To Mrs Cunliffe, Mrs Bhatti and all the staff at Basnett Street Nursery - Thank you for supporting my son.  We are very thankful to you"  Happy Parents ♥

"Thank you for making beautiful memories with my daughter.  I'm sure she'll treasure them forever! Happy Mummy ♥

"Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter - see you next year with our son!"  Happy Mummy & Daddy ♥

"Thank you very much for your help and support"  Happy Family ♥

"Thank you for putting up with me calling every 5 minutes!"  Happy Mummy ♥

"Can't thank you enough, lots of love" Happy Family ♥

"To all the staff at Basnett Street Nursery - Thank you so much for making my child's time at the nursery a fun and pleasant one.  I really have nothing negative to say about her (& mine) experience with yourselves.  She has had a really good time here, and the fact she prefers nursery to home is proof of that!  Once again, thank you"  Happy Mummy ♥

"Thank you for looking after our little girl, she enjoyed her stay with you and we know that she has learnt alot from you"  Happy Mummy & Daddy ♥

"Thank you for your support and patience with our son" Happy Parent ♥


Term 2011-12

"My child absolutely loves coming to nursery.  She changed her sessions to mornings from afternoons and I was worried how she would be affected.  The staff especially Mrs Khan have been absolutely fantastic in helping her to settle into a new group and my child is extremly happy!  The nursery is so welcoming with a lovely atmosphere.  Staff are always really friendly and easy to approach.  We can't thank everyone enough for what they do and making our little girls time at nursery so much fun.  Thank you xx" Happy Parent ♥

"My husband and I would really like to thank Miss Bhatti and Mrs Khan for being so understanding and making us feel at ease that our son will be okay and they will look after him and informing us about what he had been doing all day.  Also understanding how emotionally upset we would get after leaving our son" Happy Mum & Dad ♥

"We are very happy with the way you are running the nursery.  The teachers are so friendly, my child loves his teachers and friends and he is learning lots of new things, so thank you" Happy Mum ♥

"My child is very happy going into nursery.  He has settled in really well.  He comes back from nursery talking with excitment about all the things which he has been doing.  I'm very pleased with my child's progress and hope this continues..." Happy Mum ♥

"Very happy with my child and the progress he is making" Happy Mum ♥

"I love everything about the nursery, my child is extremely happy with teachers and other children and facilities and throughly enjoys his time at the nursery" Happy Parent ♥

"For the last 3 years, we have seen a lot of improvement since our son attended the nursery.  You have been helpful in preparing him to go to big school.  Now with our daughter, we could that she will be ready to attend in Reception.  All the staff work hard and it reflects on the children how happy they are in school.  Keep it up!! " Happy Mum and Dad ♥

"I am happy with the support and encouragement that my child is receiving.  Thank you" Happy Parent ♥

"The learning journal is a great way to show nursery what they like to do in there spare time" Happy Parent ♥

"My child has settled into nursery really well.  She loves going to nursery"  Happy Mum ♥

"We are very happy in choosing this nursery for our child.  Staff are very supporting.  Thank you"Happy Parent ♥

"We are really happy that my child enjoys nursery so much and learns alot of things in presenting it in different ways.  Your nursery always introduce a lot of activities that children find interesting" Happy Mum ♥

"I am really thankful all nursery staff who look after my child especially Mrs Bhatti.  She is doing a great job!" Happy Parent ♥

"I think the nursary is very good my child is happy and loves coming to nursery; even when she is not will so she must love coming!  It is a very good nursery" Happy Mum ♥"We are really happy and satisfied with the nursery performance.  Nursery staff are very friendly and co-operative" Happy Parents ♥

"My child enjoys the nursery very much.  Thank you to all the staff for your help" Happy Mum ♥

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